Summer Street Advisors




Summer Street Advisors Industry relations drive capital placement of Debt and Equity with Commercial Banks, Insurance Cos, Pension Funds, Alternative Lenders, PE Fund Managers and Family Offices.

  • Investment Advisory Strategy & Marketing
  • Structured Debt Capital Markets
  • Equity Capital


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- Market Studies in support of Strategy;
- Compile additional 3rd Party Reports;
- Advise/Prepare on Marketing Materials;
- Advise/Prepare Budgets, Pro-forma;
- Advise on PPM, Due Diligence, Closing Docs;

- Senior A Note & Warehouse-Line;
- Mezzanine Debt & Preferred Equity;
- Identify Target Debt Capital Providers;
- Execute/Manage Marketing Plan;
- Advise on terms, Notes and Closing Docs;

- Co-GP & LP Equity;
- Preferred Equity & Structured Equity;
- Identify Target Equity Providers;
- Execute/Manage Marketing Plan;
- Advise on Terms, Partnership & Closing Docs;

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