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Our senior executive team offers data-driven analysis, meticulous evaluation and a qualitative process to effectively guide and manage successful transactions.

Jack Mullen - Founder and Managing Director                LinkedIn  

Jack MullenAs the Founder and Managing Director of Summer Street Advisors, LLC (SSA), Jack Mullen draws on his expertise and extensive knowledge of the CRE industry to lead the firm’s transactional management initiatives for multi-million and multi-billion dollar projects in the United States and beyond.

Prior to the formation of SSA in 2010, Mr. Mullen was an executive member of GE Capital Real Estate’s Global Valuation Team and was responsible for managing transaction teams in the due diligence, valuation and underwriting sectors, supporting the acquisition of $10 billion in CRE investments. Previously, he served as Vice President with Turing Capital where he was responsible for risk and transaction management for corporate and commercial real estate lending opportunities. Mr. Mullen has also held key positions with Chase Manhattan Bank, Chemical Bank and Finova Capital.

Mr. Mullen’s by-lined articles, which assess critical topics facing the commercial real estate industry, have been exclusively featured in and CREFC Finance World. He is also a preferred contributor of articles in leading business publications, including Commercial Mortgage Alert and PERE.

A seasoned speaker, Mr. Mullen is invited to speak at numerous industry events and is a preferred guest lecturer for business classes and seminars at several prestigious educational institutions, including NYU, Fordham University and Baruch College. He continues to be positioned at the forefront of the evolving and complex CRE industry through hosted thought-leader roundtable networking events which assemble experts and executives who are actively shaping and influencing the marketplace.

Mr. Mullen is the former President of the Real Estate Finance Association of Connecticut (REFA CT). Additionally, Mr. Mullen is a member of CREFC (CRE Finance Council), and is Six Sigma Green Belt Certified. Mr. Mullen earned his MBA from Fordham University and a BA degree in Economics and Political Science from Salve Regina University.

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Team Members

Chris Peters - Managing Director - Asset Management
Cynthia Plunkett - Director
Dan Brook - Director
Bryant Mende - Director
Jay Murray - Senior Associate
Courtney Mullen - Analyst
Doug Bretherton - Analyst
Laura Lecina - Analyst
Dayana Maranella - Analyst


Tom Greenbaum - Senior Advisor
Richard Herstein - Senior Advisor
Gary Hirsch - Senior Advisor
Richard Kelsey - Senior Advisor
Allen Rosenberg - Senior Advisor

"Today’s commercial real estate opportunities require exceptional senior management executives who possess a unique blend of leadership, vision and the ability to deliver superior results. Summer Street Advisors’ seasoned professionals have proven they can deliver superior results."