Summer Street Advisors



Clients depend on SSA’s team for their extensive experience, personal attention and discipline when guiding them to the best possible outcome in a distressed situation, regardless of asset type.

  • Analyze each asset's unique circumstances
  • Critically evaluate and underwrite each asset
  • Formulate appropriate recommendations
  • Advise/represent
  • Manage entire process

Loan workout services

Analyze Each Asset’s Unique Circumstances - to determine appropriate workout strategy.

Critical Evaluation and Underwriting - required to fully understand asset, its market and the factors affecting its underperformance.

Formulate Appropriate Recommendations - relative to forbearance, restructuring, deed-in-lieu, or foreclosure.

Advise/Represent - on litigation and bankruptcy/foreclosure cases; coordinate with legal advisors. Propose and execute restructurings.

Manage Entire Process - propose and execute restructuring foreclosure/bankruptcy.