Summer Street Advisors


“Summer Street Advisors has the deal experience and access to capital demanded by the competitive marketplace. Andy Murray, and his team provided the guidance and execution that helped drive this deal forward.”

“Today’s commercial real estate opportunities require exceptional senior management executives who possess a unique blend of leadership, vision and the ability to deliver superior results.”

“One of the most impressive attributes of Summer Street Advisors is their ability to provide an organized and thorough approach to underwriting and re-underwriting.”

“Summer Street Advisors’ well trained, Six Sigma approach to the assignment, was exactly what was needed to achieve my goal.”

“Summer Street Advisors’ seasoned professionals have proven they can deliver superior results.”

“Within the past year, our firm engaged Summer Street Advisors to assist our company with the review and valuation of a large REIT. Summer Street Advisors brought 'hands-on' knowledge to this risk-focused assignment and designed a highly effective plan to underwrite the markets with the largest concentration of assets.”

“The seasoned real estate professionals at Summer Street Advisors provided an extensive and in-depth asset and market analysis, which allowed our firm to make an informed decision.”