Summer Street Advisors, LLC Announces Expansion of Services

Full-service CRE advisory consulting firm leverages asset management expertise to strengthen offering

Westport, CT (October 1, 2012) – Summer Street Advisors, LLC (SSA) announces the expansion of their business portfolio to include Asset Management and Resolution services for both new and existing clients.  In an environment anxious for streamlined processes, these services will become a standard offering within all transaction management proposals, signaling a strategic move for SSA.

“For years, our clients have relied on our expertise in due diligence, valuation and underwriting ,” said Jack Mullen, Founder and Managing Director of SSA. “Providing on-going asset management services allows our team to deliver an analysis of every aspect of a transaction, and offers our clients continuity of services, which eliminates the learning curve of hiring an outside asset management firm.”

With 100+ years of combined experience, SSA utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach, blending traditional and institutional backgrounds with an entrepreneurial perspective. The company’s experience with CRE loan management and resolution services, coupled with expertise in bank debt, mezzanine and preferred debt, and CMBS debt have positioned SSA to become a leader in asset management for some of the nation’s top business and commercial clients.

“No debt can be successfully restructured if you don’t understand the origin of the deal, and the particulars of the asset, leasing and management,” stated Steve Jason, Managing Director at Summer Street Advisors. “Debt is only one piece. If you understand the property from the ‘bottom up’, then you are better equipped to resolve it from the ‘top down’.”

“Once the upfront servicing, management and execution of a transaction is complete, our expert teams can manage the new and updated assets until they are settled or executed to fulfill the terms of the particular deal,” continued Jason. “In many situations, our debt and mortgage workouts have been resolved faster than the industry average, so our clients benefit from a more efficient execution, enabling them to better allocate resources while potentially expanding their capability for income- creating opportunities.”

In addition to expanded asset management services, Summer Street Advisors will continue to provide strategic business plan development and execution, transaction underwriting and management, debt restructuring, lease negotiation and contract administration.

About Summer Street Advisors, LLC

Summer Street Advisors, LLC (SSA) is a commercial real estate advisory services firm founded by Risk Management alumni of GE Capital Real Estate.  SSA offers a rigorous Risk Management philosophy and approach in providing strategic advisory services to loan sellers, B piece buyers, distressed mortgage investors, servicers and banks across all commercial real estate assets.  The SSA team has over 100 years combined CRE experience and possesses diverse institutional and entrepreneurial backgrounds, including valuation, underwriting and credit analysis, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, distressed debt advisory due diligence, asset management, and management consulting.  For additional information about the company, contact Jack Mullen at 203-293-4844 or visit

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