Summer Street Advisors, LLC Completes Over $164 Million CRE Investment Engagements

Advisory firm fills strategic financial assessment role

Westport, CT (July 6, 2016) Summer Street Advisors, LLC (“SSA”) announced the recent completion of several commercial real estate investment transactions performing high level advisory services including: Underwriting and Analysis, Cash Flow Modeling and Due Diligence, Debt Structure Validation, Credit Review, Asset Valuation and Market Analysis.

SSA’s senior executive team advised on the $95 million acquisition/renovation financing for an iconic 1920’s apartment complex seeking first mortgage and mezzanine loans. In a separate engagement, SSA lent its expertise on a refinancing and lease-up deal for a client’s $50 million participation in a $700 million first mortgage and mezzanine loan for a historic NYC office building. Other deals included a $9 million loan on loan for an Ohio garden apartment complex and a $10 million warehouse line first mortgage loan collateral for a California office building.

“Summer Street Advisors was selected given our core competencies and proven track record,” stated Jack Mullen, Founder and Managing Director. “In each of the deals, SSA was an integral part of the successful execution and outcome,” continued Mullen.

For more information about Summer Street Advisors, LLC, please contact Jack Mullen, Founder and Managing Director, at 203-293-4844.

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