To the Point

Welcome to the new Summer Street Advisors online forum.  We hope that this becomes a place where our clients, partners and industry peers will share their views on news and trends affecting the real estate investment management business.

Our industry is affected by changes in so many areas—from demographics to capital markets to technology—and the pace of change is accelerating.  To keep up, people need solid information, and they need it fast.  This blog will provide a forum for idea-sharing specific to the topics and important issues that we face within the commercial real estate space.

Here, you can expect to find our quick takes on market shifts, legislation and other events as they unfold. We encourage and welcome your feedback in the comments box or your choice of vehicles—we’re also on LinkedIn.

Brevity can sometimes be more memorable, but there is still a place in our industry for valuable long-form reports and in-depth market analysis.  If you want more information and a deeper expertise, please read through our thought provoking articles.

Jack Mullen

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